The only 3 beauty products you'll need next season according to New York Fashion Week

By Josefin Forsberg
Red lips, black smokey eyes, and copious amount of gel were the three beauty tools in the MUA and hairstylist kit at New York Fashion Week – as exemplified by models walking Michael Kors, Ludovic De Saint Sernin, and Prabal Gurung

Red lipstick, black eyeshadow palettes, and copious amount of gel were the three beauty tools in the MUA and hairstylist kits at New York Fashion Week.

Black smudged eyeshadow, sultry red lips and a copious amounts of hair gel – New York Fashion Week was overrun with sex appeal this season

As expected from the city that never sleeps, messy end-of-the-night eyeliner, dance-floor-proof hair and lipstick that leaves a sultry stain on your cocktail glass became the quintessential New York Fashion Week beauty look this season. Examples could be found across most runways, spanning Prabal Gurung's 3AM smudged eye and ombré lip to Carolina Herrera's polished cocktail bar patron.


While the most accurate rendition of the New York Fashion Week face combines all three trends into one look, there's also the possibility to single out your favourite product for more subdued styling: imagine gelled-back hair partnered with brushed-up brows, red lips worn with noting but a luminous base, or a smokey black shadow set off by big bouncy Hollywood waves.

Below, discover Vogue Scandinavia's best tips on how to master our favourite three beauty trends from the Big Apple this season:


Carolina Herrera autumn/winter '24.

A pigmented red lipstick

While he wasn't backstage at New York Fashion Week, few makeup artists have mastered the red lip like Tom Pecheux, global beauty director for YSL Beauty. The French makeup artist firmly believes that there's a red lip for everyone – even those most hesitant to try it. And according to Pecheux, the most crucial step is the application. "I can pat the product off or a light stain, blur out the edges with a cotton bud, or paint it on with precision using a lip brush," he explained during a Stockholm masterclass.

For a long-lasting high-impact lipstick, the key is to use translucent powder. First, outline and fill in your lips with a lip liner that matches your lipstick, creating a base for the lipstick to adhere to. Next, blot your lips gently with a tissue to remove any excess. Last but not least, the crucial step: place a single ply of tissue over your lips and lightly dab translucent powder over it using a fluffy brush to set the lipstick in place. To finish, seal it with a final layer of colour.

Luminous Moisture lipstick in 05 Heather Heart


Joli Rouge Shiny lipstick in 742S


Colour Riche Intense Volume Matte Le Rouge in Determination 346

L'Oréal Paris

The Original Satin lipstick in 917 red Cool Cherry



Helmut Lang autumn/winter '24.

At New York Fashion Week, Swedish makeup artist Daniel Sällström originated some of the most iconic black smudges this season, creating Helmut Lang's expressive black streaked eye look. "I’m not going to lie, A matte smokey eye is one of the trickiest things you can do when it comes to makeup," says Linda Hallberg, makeup artist and founder of Swedish beauty brand LH cosmetics. But don't be discouraged: "It’s like riding a bike when you master it. You never unlearn it."

Priming the eye properly is key to avoid a patchy application. The easiest way of doing the smoky eye is to use a creamy black eye pencil and blend it out into the desired shape. "A primer is a must under a smoky eye," urges Hallberg who notes that it is best to "do both eyes at the same time to make sure they are even." Next, black eyeshadow. "Press it on with your fingertip on the eyelid to ensure maximum pigmentation and then blend it out with a brush, a little at a time," Hallberg says.

But how do you deal with pesky fall out? "If you have already done the base, apply translucent powder under the eyes to avoid it," says Hallberg. And if you do end up with an uneven or patchy application? "Add some black or grey shimmer to mask it," says Hallberg. "It always works."

Till The End Eyeshadow Primer

LH Cosmetics

Matte eyeshadow in Carbon

MAC Cosmetics

Jumbo eye pencil in Black Bean


Phyto-Khol Star waterproof 1 in Sparkling Black



Prabal Gurung.

Over the past year, hair gel has become the unsung backstage beauty hero during fashion weeks across the globe. At New York Fashion Week specifically, we saw the minimalist vanguard propose pulled-tight hair 'dos sculpted from strong-hold gel, smoothed back by densely packed hairbrushes and nimble fingers. At the same time, edgier labels doused models' hair in gel to create long-lasting wet looks, finished by masterfully manipulated baby hairs sweeping across models' foreheads and cheeks.

But beyond runway-ready ways to use gel, the sticky product has found its way onto most bathroom shelves of those in the know. The beauty of gel, after all, is that it makes the shabbiest among us look put together with a locked-in hairstyle that won't budge – all with just a tub of sticky gel and a comb.

Glued gel


Salt water gel

Björn Axén

Fix max shaping gel

L'Oréal professionnel

Styling Gel

Lernberger Stafsing