The Vogue Scandinavia guide to throwing a New Year's Eve party

By Sharareh and Roshi Hoss
Table setting

Photo: Hoss Agency

We're so ready to ring in the new year and this year we'll be doing so with a big bang. Here we enlist party planning experts Sharareh and Roshi Hoss on how to create that bang

For this New Year's Eve we want to celebrate a year that has been all about adapting, taking care of ourselves and others, but also doing it with gusto. We have seen people come together, creating and solving new ways of living and this is the mindset we want to take through our festive celebrations.


This year we bow to ourselves for being strong thinkers and creators, so with that in mind, here are our top tips for throwing a memorable New Year's Eve party...


Photo: HOSS

Less isn't always more when it comes to decor

If there's any year to go no-holds-barred with your NYE party decor, it's this one. Think a champagne fountain in the centre of your living room (if yours is big enough) and lights and projectors galore.

For your lighting, choose a colour to set either vibe you're aiming for, be that cute and cosy or lively party. Simply find some LED lights in your chosen hue and add them to the floor or in the corners to light up your walls.

You can't go wrong with fairy lights to add some cosy twinkle. Go one further by ordering fairly light balloons with helium to get that extra sparkle. Otherwise, you can put helium balloons in the ceiling with fairy light lace that falls down from the balloons to create a cool fairy light den your guests call walk through and take photos.


Photo: HOSS

A projector is a super cool wall to add an interesting touch to your party. If you have some editing skills you could put put together a film of different Northern Lights and stars for a Nordic touch of magic that'll be sure to wow your guests. Simply download stock videos for an affordable price, or if you'd like it to be more personal, add in some New Years-inspired quotes or words of wisdom.

Fairy lights

Photo: HOSS/Rasmus Lindahl

The dinner

A seated dinner is almost custom on New Year's Eve and as ever we are all for sharing plates. Use bigger plates for a more luxurious feel, starting with oysters and champagne and ending with a big sharing dessert with some sparklers (tomtebloss). It is also a super night touch to give some sparklers to your guests to light up at the same time as the dessert is being served.

When it comes to the menu, keep it fuss-free and set a menu that you know always works, packed with go-to Scandi favourites, to keep your guests happy.

Cake cutting

Photo: HOSS

The table

Once you've decided on a colour theme, make sure it runs thorough the whole event from the flowers to the table setting.

For the table setting, opt for lot of candles in different sizes and an array of different flowers in contrasting vases. Small and cheap DIY hacks – such as spraying twigs with white glitter spray and them adding to your arrangements – will make all the difference.

Make sure to buy fabric napkins – this gives a luxury addition to the table and it's also better for the environment since you can wash them and use them again. We love a good silver linen and big plates for the food, sharing style.


Photo: HOSS

The dress code

Either you decide on a theme when inviting your guests (for example, the black-tie 007 theme is always a winner) or you can decide to go for a specific colour theme such as black and silver, silver and gold or red and gold. In Scandinavia we don’t have many opportunities to really dress up so it’s a nice way to celebrate the occasion.

If you're hosting, it's important to go all in and set the standard for the rest of your guests. You could even send out a styling mood-board to inspire them ahead of the day...

This New Years, go live

By 'live' we don’t mean a digital live event, but an interactive role play element that will give your guests a free hand to a mingle without the small talk.

Prepare roles for each guest and send out the roles before the they arrive. After the welcome drink, start the role play and let your guests know that you have one hour to solve a clue or puzzle, while remaining in character. This is a great way to break the ice and start your night in the most fun and interactive way.

New years

Photo: HOSS

Musical fun

Why not create a music quiz? Everyone loves music and its a great way to gather your guests and set the mood.

Another game you can't step wrong with is 'Norwegian Karaoke' where you split the group in two teams. Starting with one team, one player is nominated to start, putting a pair of head phones on. As the host, you will be the judge and in charge of the music. Set a timer allowing one minute per group, letting the teams take turns and taking points as they go. We promise you laughs and a great party atmosphere.

As for the playlist, go with something that will suit your crowd. If you get the music right, you can guarantee your party will be packed with lots of dancing and good energy.

Dry ice drinks

Photo: HOSS


Edible glitter are music for your New Year's Eve tipples: simply sprinkle that fairy dust on all your drinks for that extra special vibe.

If you're somewhat of a pro when it comes to cocktails (or know a friend who is), you can bring your cocktail game to a smoking new level by serving the drinks in bowls with hard ice just before serving add water, and voilá: a smoking New Year's Eve Cocktail.