'No Time To Die' heralds the new era of the 'Bond Woman'

By Allyson Shiffman

September 30, 2021

Nomi James Bond 007

Photo: Omega

No Time To Die introduces a new type of female character to the Bond universe. Allyson Shiffman explains why it's about time...

The 'Bond Girl' is no longer.

Welcome to the era of the Bond Woman. She’s capable and clever. She knows how to fight and how to wield a weapon. She’s driven by more than simply her desire to be intimate with James Bond. She even has a backstory (sometimes).

Last night, as I sat in a darkened theatre at a sneak preview of No Time To Die, I found myself rooting not for our well-suited, Omega-wearing, martini drinking hero, but for the ladies who surround him.

Spoilers for 'No Time To Die' ahead

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