Netflix’s Snabba Cash Season 2: Watch our exclusive behind the scenes video

By Anna Clarke

Photo: Gustav Danielsson / Netflix

It's not long now until the new season hits our screens and it can't come soon enough in our books...

It’s been one of the most popular Swedish series since it launched in 2021, and now Snabba Cash (Easy Monday) returns to our screens again this week for the much-anticipated second season. This fast and furious crime drama marries the lofty entrepreneurial world of Stockholm’s startup culture with the seedy gun-toting underworld of drug dealing in the capital’s suburbs.

When season one drew to a close we parted ways with the gang with Leya (played by Evin Ahmed) being crowned the new ‘boss’, and after much deliberation finally getting her fast cash injection from entrepreneur Tomas Storm (Olle Sarri). For the second season, the cast has been busy filming over different locations around Stockholm, Sweden (who knows, you might have spotted them around Gärdet, Hjulsta or in the city). And we know that it's not too long until we're reunited with some of our favourite characters, including Leya, Ravy (played by Dada Fungula Bozela) and fellow gangster Nala (Ayaan Ahmad). Bring on Thursday we say.

Watch the exclusive behind the scenes video here: