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Video: Head to Pöytyä where sheep, grannies and beanies are changing the game

By Eliza Sörman Nilsson

Myssyfarmi beanies are more than just beanies. Watch how uniquely special the process is in this exclusive Vogue Scandinavia video

“It is a term in Finnish kotiteollisuus, and in English, it's ‘cottage industries’,” explains Anna Rauhansuu co-founder of Myssyfarmi. “It’s how we used to work here in earlier times. Where the farmers, or the farmer’s wife, would make crafts at home for the local industrial company. We are kind of going back in time.”


Anna along with her husband Janne have created a knitwear brand MyssyFarmi that uses this old-school technique to create beanies, gloves, sweaters, scarves and more. Their story filled the pages of our December/January issue.

To get to the final Myssy ‘Muffi’ hat, the journey starts on one of Finland’s many organic sheep farms, where Janne and Anna collect the wool. It’s then spun in the few remaining spinning mills, Pirtti and Virtain Villa, in Finland before being hand-dyed by mostly natural ingredients at the couple’s farm. Finally, it’s knitted by an army of 80 local ‘grannies’. Often the entire process happens within a 200-kilometre radius.

Here we head to the farm in Pöytyä, Finland, to not only see how the magic happens but to put a spotlight on the waste that happens in the wool industry. It's a reminder of how we can all work together towards more sustainable production and consumption.