Munthe - SS24

By Josefin Forsberg

Munthe's SS24 collection was a canvas for vibrant artistry – spanning whimsical donkeys and beaded foliage

The historic courtyard of Kuglegården in central Copenhagen hosted Munthe's (as always) artful spring/summer 2024 runway show. "We want attendees to depart feeling enriched and inspired," explained the brand's namesake founder Naja Munthe.


The brand's dedication to female artists was evident in every thread and texture of the collection, woven with a commitment to sustainability that goes beyond fashion. Like past seasons, this collection finds its footing in 'Art Monday': the brand's digital art gallery, a platform to share and support female artists. She explained that the collection "builds on the same principle:" a marriage of art prints from artists like Heather J. Chontos of New York and London-based Aline Gaiad with sumptuous woven fabrics, resplendent sequins, patchwork denim, vivid patterns, and intricate jacquard patterns.

The spring/summer 2024 season is based upon Munthe's staples, underscoring a refreshing continuity. Textures lend a tangible touch to the silhouettes, spanning delicate beading, feathery fringe, and oversized paillettes. Vibrant colours paint the lineup (which, for the record contained industry names like Alana Hadid and Ilirida Krasniqi) with soft brush strokes, blending neutrals and hues of bright blue, navy black, and light red – flickers of burned orange and faded yellow woven into the fold. "Like the meeting of multiple artists, we seek to bring together these diverse colours in a way that may not be conventional but is harmonious and captivating," noted Munthe.

A spirit of collaboration embellished the collection further. Munthe's partnership with Chontos and Gaiad led to a graphic donkey print and colourful art pieces. "These collaborations not only infuse our designs with captivating visuals but also celebrate the power and influence of female artists in the fashion world," said Munthe. The show also introduced the new Munthe emblem: mirrored letters 'M' gracing a fresh crop of accessories.

Discover all the looks from Munthe’s spring/summer '24 collection below:

Munthe SS24