Minna Palmqvist - SS22

By Josefin Forsberg

Paired with Minna Paulqvist's unfinished yet refined spring/summer 2022 collection was a specially generated AI perfume

The show started with a pulsating base followed by the echo of high heels on a stone floor. The industrial cavern in central Stockholm that served as a stage for Minna Paulqvist’s spring/summer 2022 runway show reflected the unfinished yet refined aesthetics of the collection. As if plucked straight from the cutting board of Paulqvist’s atelier, the rough seams and instruction-like prints were held together with delicately tied string. White cotton was a theme throughout the collection, offset with pinstripe suiting, hot pink, poppy red and bright green. Power shoulders and starched collars were plucked from the 1980s and paired perfectly with deconstructed t-shirts and silky skirts.


In addition to the show itself, there was the scent. Created by No Ordinary Scent, AI analysed photographs of Minna Palmqvist's collection to encapsulate its redolence. The result was an eau de parfum with a base of sandalwood, topped off with milk and pepper and a heart note of figs, pencil shavings and ambroxan. These aromas represented the models as they walked down the reflective silver runway and interacted with their environment - played with a pink rubber ball and rubbed their faces against plastic shields. This was their playground, and they owned it.

See the full collection below:

Minna Palmqvist SS22 collection