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Megan Fox's engagement to Machine Gun Kelly is the pinnacle of her 'villain era'

By Esteban G Villanueva

Photo: @meganfox

"…and then they drank each other’s blood" The TikTok 'villain era' trend is strong with this one

"The woman was too stunned to speak." It's me. I’m the woman. I’m too stunned to speak.


At the time of writing it’s literally one in the morning, I was already in bed, skincare routine done and hands already moisturised to deal with the Stockholm winter. In an unconscious reflex I grab my phone and open Instagram, little did I know that one action would completely ruin my circadian rhythm and that minutes later I would be sitting at my desk, overnight face mask on, writing this article.

Here’s the thing — this is the pinnacle of Megan’s villain era, and we’re more than here for it