"If they can invite the viewer into a sense of contemplation or pause, I’m happy." Meet the Artist: Elin Odentia

By Saskia Neuman

Photo: Elin Odentia

In the first of our series focussing on emerging talents and artists across the Nordic region, curator and writer Saskia Neuman meets Elin Odentia

Elin Odentia grew up in Ödsmal, in the countryside of Bohuslän a Swedish province in Götaland, surrounded by nature, beautiful forests, and a huge lake, a far cry from contemporary art, galleries and museums.


Elin laughingly tells me, "There was a church, a school, and a little sweetshop, that was pretty much it." As you can imagine having the aspiration of becoming an artist was not common, "I would never guess that at 30 years old I would be living in Stockholm and having the luxury of spending my days painting," she quickly replies.

Between Gazes by Elin Odentia . Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger