March Beauty News: (M)anasi 7's new fermented skincare line is the embodiment of a pared-back beauty routine

By Vogue Scandinavia

Photo: (M)anasi 7

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(M)anasi 7's new fermented skincare line is the embodiment of a pared-back beauty routine

According to Susanne Manasi, there's no need for a 12-step routine. A firm believer in not needing to "over cleanse or over exfoliate," Manasi believes the best way to preserve our skin's barrier is to streamline our routines with a less-is-more approach. The Swedish makeup artist founded her eponymous brand in 2018, focusing on producing multifunctional beauty products that last using exclusively natural and organic ingredients – which have quickly earned the brand a cult following. "You don't really need much," is Manasi's philosophy.


Now the brand is expanding into skincare with its's new Microbioskin line, launching two new botanical products; the Armonia face oil and the Chanua serum. Formulated in Stockholm, Sweden and produced in Italy, the duo delivers a nutrient boost to your skin via potent natural, organic, high-quality biotech ingredients. "We use discarded ingredients from organic food and beverage waste," Manasi explains.

This circular approach sees the waste transformed through bio-fermentation into active ingredients. Fermentation creates molecules that can enhance the production of ceramides benefitting all skin types by mimicking the skin's cell function, working in harmony with the skin without interrupting its natural processes.

The first two of seven new products, it is safe to say that microbiome-friendly beauty has never looked better.

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By Josefin Forsberg