Footballers Magdalena Eriksson and Pernille Harder give us an intimate look into their life and relationship

By Eliza Sörman Nilsson

Football stars, teammates and partners Magdalena Eriksson and Pernille Harder open up about their sexuality in an inspiring short film

Magdalena Eriksson and Pernille Harder are two of the biggest names in women’s football, both playing for Chelsea FC. However, one of their biggest achievements is each other.

In a short film titled ‘Love Always Wins’, the teammates and real-life partners share how coming out and coming together has been such an important part of their journey, as they advocate for the LGBTQ+ community in a sport where sexuality continues to be a taboo subject.

“For both of us, difference is something we celebrate and value,” says Danish-born Harder. “We both feel so strongly that we should cherish diversity, and we should strive for inclusion. We keep pushing forward because we want a world without discrimination and stereotypes, a world that really is better for everyone.”

The film, created by Ten Toes, gives us an intimate insight into the women’s everyday life. A life together that they are incredibly proud of, but sadly many still feel too scared to live. Watch and realise that love truly does always win when we set prejudice aside.

Watch the film here:

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