Madelen Möllard paints her signature florals on camera for Vogue Scandinavia

By Vogue Scandinavia's Video Team

We capture the buzzy Stockholm-based artist in her element: bringing a one-of-a-kind work to life, with our camera lens as her canvas

While Scandinavian creatives are known for their strong ties with nature, Stockholm-based artist Madelen Möllard finds her muse in flowers specifically. “They have always held a special meaning to me,” Möllard says in Vogue Scandinavia's April-May issue. “When I found the poppy I kind of found who I was as an artist. I couldn’t stop painting them again and again.”

Poppies may be headlining Möllard’s career, but flowers as a whole have followed her throughout life. “My mum grew up in a flower-rich home with lots of garden flowers and forest flowers. My grandfather always had such beautiful flower beds and there were always wild flower bouquets indoors,” says Möllard.

Hit play below to see the artist in action, as Möllard brings to life one of her quintessentially colourful, floral works – with the whole captivating process caught on camera.

Video by Kristian Bengtsson with Margarita Sheremet