Lovechild 1979 - SS24

By Allyson Shiffman

Lovechild 1979' SS24 collection is a lesson in structured silhouettes and tactile draping, inspired by Mia Kappelgaard's favourite photographer, Irving Penn

For spring/summer 2024, Lovechild 1979 creative director Mia Kappelgaard looked to the photographs of American icon Irving Penn. Not his fashion photography, mind you, but rather his still life. “He’s one of my absolute favourite photographers and someone I always go back to,” she says. “There’s a profound ability to show tactility and layers and this natural melancholy to his images.”


That tactility is reflected in the collection itself, in which wool suiting is juxtaposed against delicate silk slip dresses. There’s a sculptural element, too; where silhouettes in previous seasons were generous and relaxed, this time around, blazers accentuate the waist, tucked into trousers that flare gently towards the ankle. “It’s a very lovely, body-hugging silhouette,” says Kappelgaard. “It’s more waist than we usually do.”

As with a still-life photograph, it’s all about composition for Lovechild. The way an alpaca yarn vest, for instance, is layered over a heavy, slim skirt or the way a cotton mandarin collared skirt pairs with a fluid silk skirt. Grounding the offering are the leather pieces – an asymmetric bomber jacket and easy shoulder bags. It’s a collection that moves with the season. “You have layers at the beginning of the season, and then you peel off as you go,” says Kappelgaard. A pinstripe blazer can be removed to reveal a body-hugging vest. That aforementioned melancholy comes through in the palette of dusty pink, beige and black.

Just as Penn’s photographs breathe life into inanimate objects, Lovechild, once again, breathes something fresh into endlessly wearable clothes.

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Lovechild 1979 - SS24