Video: Loreen opens up about her Nomad roots, powerful women, and being naked

By Doris Daga

As Loreen takes the Eurovision 2023 crown – 11 years after her Euphoria win – we take a look back at our exclusive interview with the singer. She shares more about her nomad roots, women's strength, and why being naked is the most powerful

Loreen's music and presence is a part of the Swedish cultural heartbeat. From representing (and winning) the Eurovision song contest in 2011 with her now-classic song Euphoria to starting a new adventure on the big screen, Loreen is only getting started.


In the video accompanying the exclusive editorial in the special anniversary Aug -Sept issue of Vogue Scandinavia, Loreen shows her power in movement, style, and story-telling.

But, what has made Loreen the powerful, creative-force she is today? Namely, the strong generations women in her family. “All of the women, especially on my mother’s side, are really powerful women, that have fought for their freedom and their liberty,” she says, “I’ve seen my mother still fighting for that.” These women are also what made her reach for new creative pursuits and pushing her spirit to reach for new creative pursuits.

Loreen tells Vogue Scandinavia all about what it means to become an international phenomenon, the grit needed to follow through with your visions, and how to turn the mirror away from yourself and towards your critics. All in all, Loreen tells the story of a life lived, and how she’s ever changing.

Even though she’s usually clad in leather, from boots to jackets to trousers, Loreen still feels the most powerful in her birthday suit— wearing nothing at all.

Loreen is completely uncompromisable in her vision, and here, she wears her heart on her sleeve.

Watch limitless Loreen's story for Vogue Scandinavia unfold: