Livid - SS22

By Josefin Forsberg

Peering into an unpredictable future, Livid explored contrasts in its spring/summer 2022 collection

Showing a conjoint men's and women's collection, Livid looked ahead to the fickle future of fashion when curating looks this season. Yearning for escapism, Livid sought comfort in textiles, choosing soft leathers, regenerated swimwear and light layers to conduct their vision. The result? Perfect pieces to be swept away in.


Built around a modern wardrobe that highlights denim, the silhouettes drifted between slough carelessness and cinched elegance. Diving hemlines of maxi-fit dresses were juxtaposed with sharply cut coats. Tie-waists were a running feature throughout the collection, which saw the styling focus on layering the lightweight garments.

See the full collection below: