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Life through coloured glasses: The little known psychology behind tinted lenses

By Sebastian Cabrices
Betty Bachz

Photo: Getty

Rose tinted lenses may be an actual 'thing'

People say you can change anything but the weather, and who wouldn't want to when it is grey outside? Perhaps in the Metaverse it'll be possible to alter meteorological conditions with the click of our phones but for now, in the real world, we may choose to tackle the cloudy days by seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses.


Although the “glasses” in the famous idiom may be metaphorical, there is a factual side to the expression. Beyond their style appeal (having proved a decade-spanning eyewear trend), colour-tinted sunglasses can affect our minds and bodies.

In a 2018 study carried out by German pioneer in optics technology, ZEISS – lead by Prof. Dr. Siegfried Wahl, Honorary Professor of the University of Tübingen and Director of the ZEISS Vision Science Lab – it was demonstrated that “colours are far more than just visual information and are able to evoke emotional reactions".