London Fashion Week street style was a celebration of gender-fluid dressing

By Mikko Puttonen

Photo: Getty

Mikko Puttonen, our gender fluidity expert, highlights the best gender-fluid looks from the streets of London

Ever since moving to London it has been one of my favourite cities and I love being able to see it through my own eyes. To me, it is a constant inspiration where you can find many different contrasts and cultures and always discover something new.

London Fashion Week spring/summer 2022 returned partly physically with 130 designers and a very gender-neutral lineup. The representation of gender-fluid brands and collections was stronger than ever and we saw many different approaches throughout the whole week. From Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY’s club kid-ish show experience to S.S.Daley’s romantic collection and live performance. Not to mention, the opulent and dramatic debut runway show by gender-fluid fashion designer Harris Reed closing out the week. It truly was a plethora of representation that had everybody wanting more.

Now, gender fluidity was not only seen on the runways but also mastered by the fashion week attendants. This season the gender boundaries and rules seemed not to exist at all when it came to street style. We saw all kinds of gender identities and the guests were freely expressing their femininity in skirts, ruffles and dresses — and on the other hand, masculinity with tailoring, ties, and boxy silhouettes. One of my personal highlights was non-binary RuPaul’s Drag Race star Bimini Bon Boulash killing every single look they wore.

Here are some of my favourite gender-fluid looks:

Harris Reed.

María Bernard.

Yu Masui.

Bimini Bon-Boulash. Photo: Getty

Hamish Bowles.

Declan Chan & Yu Masui. Photo: @declanchan

Photo: @goldiewilliams_

Kehlani. Photo: @kehlani

María Bernard. Photo: @maria_bernad

Austin Garrett. Photo: @garconjon