Watch: At home with Lena, Lasse and Tora

By Anna Clarke

Pull up a chair and become an extra member of the Olin-Hallströms as we meet the family in their idyllic summer house in Sweden’s riviera

Spending all day, every day surrounded by close members of your family is not everyone’s suggested setup for a productive work day. But for Lena Olin and Lasse and Tora Hallström it was just part of their everyday life on set for the much anticipated new film Hilma. The idea for the movie, which celebrates the life of Swedish artist Hilma af Klint – unrecognised in her own time but who has since gone on to gain public acclaim posthumously – was first born 31,000 ft high in the air, when Lena watched the film thriller Personal Shopper, which references the artist. Since then, the idea percolated for film director Lasse over lockdown and it became a real family affair.


The film, and the artist, has since had the the trio enamoured from start to finish. It’s also brought them closer together, particularly Lena and Tora, who both play the title role of Hilma at different stages of her life. “I was really taken by how Tora carried herself on set and how she worked and her relationship with the camera and all of those things. I saw her blossom,” explains Lena.

When the family aren’t in New York or on set, they try to get as much together time in their Swedish summer house down in Falsterbo, which is where we meet them.

In this original Vogue Scandinavia short film, get to know the Olin-Hallströms better here and become one of the family….