Kseniaschnaider - AW24

By Olivia Ekelund

Photos: Valentina Ferreyra.

Ukrainian brand Kseniaschnaider’s AW24 collection is an ode to the beauty and resilient survival of nature, as a reflection of the country and its people

Kseniaschnaider’s autumn/winter '24 collection is dedicated to nature. The Ukrainian brand has been known for its commitment to sustainability – of which this show is a class example. The styles revere and mirror plant-life; its beauty – clear in the soft lines and hues of these garments – but also its resilience. “It explores plants and trees calm and confident power capable of breaking through concrete,” comments co-founder and creative director Ksenia Schnaider on the latest line from her eponymous label.

“The flowing silhouettes and organic textures evoke a sense of harmony and tranquility,” she continues. “Every stitch and shade in the collection whispers about the natural world's resilience, celebrating its quiet strength and unwavering beauty.” But her ode to the natural world is not simply aesthetic. The Ukrainian brand is strict when it comes to sustainable practices. Garments are made in-house and all in Kyiv, in a controlled environment that minimises waste and rescues surplus material from other brands and their own.

“This is how sweaters made from defective stockings by the Ukrainian brand ShurShur appeared in our collection,” explains Schnaider. “And our zero-waste items result from collaborating with a production facility in the small Ukrainian village of Stina.  We aptly named these garments ‘zero-waste’ due to their utilisation of leftover denim materials from our production process.”

The result is a varied line - much like the world of flora is. Much of Kseniaschnaider’s designs are denim deadstock garments - some distressed, some tailored, paired with matching jackets or tiny tops. A few ruched tulle dresses fill out the collection, as well as a few colourful tweed two-pieces. The designer’s awe of flora is plain to see, and Schnaider hopes the collection will in turn serve as inspiration for others to connect with nature too.

See the full Kseniachnaider AW24 collection below: