How to get red carpet ready in 5 simple steps, according to Kristine Froseth’s facialist

By Josefin Forsberg

Kristin Froseth's make-up free glow came courtesy of Guendalina "The Skin Sculptor" Gennari. Photo: Getty

While attending Simone Rocha’s show in London during fashion week, Kristine Froseth’s bare face had a lit-from-within glow. We tap the facialist ‘skin sculptor’ behind the look, Guendalina Gennari, on how to recreate it at home in five simple skin-enhancing steps

Guendelina Gennari is known as 'the skin sculptor' for a reason. With celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Carey Mulligan, Bridgerton's Nicola Coughlan and our home-grown The Buccaneers talent Kristine Froseth, swearing by Gennari when prepping for big events, there's no one we'd rather ask for skin-sculpting tips to try at home.


Below, we've listed her four top tips to ensure a good glow for your big day or night – and the quick fix products you need to know for a last-minute beauty boost.


Start early to ensure the best results

If there is one thing to know when setting out to transform your skin for a special occasion, it is that it requires advance preparation. "To see the absolute best results, you should start at least a year out from your big event. Six months is also good..." says Gennari. "One epidermal cycle is 50 days, so if you start prepping a week before your big event you might look glowier, but you won’t have the amazing results they could have had if they started a year out."

Usually, Gennari starts her clients of with an in-depth consultation followed by a full-on cleanse. "Extractions, exfoliations, the full resurfacing routine," she says. For at-home skin prep, Gennari suggest using a salicylic acid at nighttime. "Its good for helping the skin build a good, smooth base," she says.


Facial massage is key, but steer clear of tools

Facial massage is crucial for promoting lymphatic drainage and enhancing skin tone, but Gennari advises against the use of oils and tools when recreating her signature "face sculpting" procedure. "I always tell my clients to use their hands only, and to massage their faces while they cleanse" she says. "Start from your chest and work your way upwards, putting some extra pressure around the cheek bones and nasal folds as well as at the forehead to smooth away any fine lines." This method avoids the potential spread of bacteria from tools and allows for a more personalised and gentle touch.

But why massage your face while cleansing and not with an oil? “When you use oils, you don’t know how the skin is going to react," says Gennari. "When you massage the skin, you stimulate the sebaceous glands inside the skin so you're going to produce more sebum. If you don’t wash it off, you might get breakouts. So it is always good to massage your face when cleansing, because you know you'll rinse it off."


Keep your routine minimal, but always wear SPF

Gennari advocates for a minimalist approach to skincare, emphasising the importance of reducing product overload, especially before events. "Less is more for me, irregardless of whether you have an event or not," she says. "Stick to a minimal routine that is cooling, calming and hydrating. Especially including hyaluronic acid" She also stresses the non-negotiable use of SPF as a fundamental part of any skincare regime.

One routine reduction may cause raised eyebrows, however. "I know it is very controversial, but I always tell my clients to stop retinoids if they don’t have to use it according to their dermatologist," says Gennari. "My clients always try to strip away everything using acids and retinoids, all the most stripping ingredients, without considering that you’re causing more stress for the skin."


Invest in a good LED light for home-use

For those looking to enhance their skincare routine at home, Gennari recommends investing in a good LED light. "A good LED light for home use can address most skin concerns," she says. "It gives you the glow, it fights bacteria, or any inflammation and stimulates the collagen."

The beauty of LED light is that there's a colour for every concern: blue lights have anti-bacterial properties, helping congested and break-out prone skin clear up. Green light reduces the production of melanin, helping with pigmentation while tackling redness and skin irritation. Yellow light penetrates deeply, triggering the lymphatic system and skin hydration. Finally, red light reduces fine lines and stimulates the production of collagen.


For instant results, try these products

“A good face mask and an under eye mask once a week work wonders," says Gennari, who spotlights BioEffect's cult sheet mask and eye patches to tackle the hydrating task. "It is so so good. Super hydrating, but not sticky, and it plumps up the skin right away." For Gennari, a good face mask is the perfect 'cinderella' product to prep for any occasion – instantly transforming the skin.

If you have a little bit more time on hand, Gennari suggests Future 5 Elements's 'Soft Treatment Gel'. "It is one of those products everyone should have on hand," she says. "It is good if you’re having a flare up, if you have rosacea or if you’re sensitised. You put a layer of this gel on at night under your cream, and the next day your skin is just flawless.”

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