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Dancing and solar power: The future of sustainable touring

By Doris Daga

Photo: Getty

The music industry is in the midst of redefining itself in the sustainability era. So, in honour of Earth Day, what does the future of eco-conscious touring look like? Look no further than Coldplay, who are changing the game

At first sight, music would seem like one of the most sustainable fields in the arts today. As the rise of bedroom pop has taken over the world, the tools needed to create a hit record become fewer and fewer every day. Today, all you need is a laptop, a half-decent mic, and a TikTok account.


However, when music meets the real world and hits the road globally, the conversation takes a different turn.

Touring is one of the greatest produces of carbon dioxide emissions in music, from buses travelling the roads to commercial flights across oceans. Each show comes along with waste, the production of merchandise, water consumption, and, of course, the power needed to even keep the show running.

As always is the case with the climate crisis conversation, a feeling of hopelessness tends to ensue. However, there is often an answer out there to cure at least a percentage of our woes, and when it comes to sustainable touring, a British power quartet has come to save us: Coldplay.