Further proof that Kanye West is obsessed with Sweden

By Allyson Shiffman

Photo: Getty

Our senior fashion writer decodes the possible reasons behind "Ye's" latest visit to the country

Kanye West – or “Ye West” as he is now legally named – was just spotted in a locale even more unlikely than Wyoming. Yesterday, West grabbed McDonald’s at Överby – a Trollhättan district with just 200 inhabitants.

Located on the west coast of Sweden, about an hour drive north of Gothenburg, Trollhättan’s most significant business interest is GKN Aerospace Sweden, a company that manufactures large aircraft and rocket engines (also worth noting, the Volvo HQ is located in nearby Gothenburg).

Could West be joining the billionaire Space Race, or does Överby’s McDonald’s simply have mysteriously superior McNuggets?

Observers and Internet conspirators were too distracted by West’s new look to theorise what the rapper was doing on Sweden’s west coast. No, he was not donning one of his signature masks, which he has been spotted wearing all over Europe (though he was wearing a face mask). Rather, West was rocking a patchy hairdo, also prominently featured on his Instagram. When it comes to Ye, no aesthetic choice is left to chance, so it’s safe to assume that this look – however unusual – was intentional.

This isn’t West’s first noteworthy visit to Sweden. In 2016, the rapper visited Ikea’s HQ in Älmhult, later tweeting that he was, “super inspired,” by the experience. West’s interest in Swedish design predates that by several years. In 2011, West tapped designers Saif Bakir and Emma Hedlund – fresh out of Central Saint Martins – to launch his now defunct eponymous womenswear label which showed at Paris Fashion Week, well before Yeezy. The design duo would later return to Malmö to launch beloved men’s brand CMMN SWDN.

Fast forward to 2019, when West reportedly chartered a plane to fly to Stockholm to free his pal A$AP Rocky from jail (Rocky was famously detained in Sweden). According to WSJ the plan was eventually nixed when West was warned that, “Swedes wouldn’t recognise the gesture.”

Whatever West was doing in Överby, we do need to give him props for wearing on-trend rubber boots and his daring new hair style.