Julie Josephine - AW23

By Josefin Forsberg

Letting the curtain fall on its new rebranding, Julie Josephine showed a see-now-buy-now collection full of wardrobe essentials with a twist

Since 2016, Julie Blystad’s brand Julie Josephine has been elevating essentials in our wardrobes – perfecting the fit of a slouchy trouser or long-sleeved T-shirt. It all began with the hunt for “the perfect white tee,” leading Julie Josephine down a path of seasonless styles. “When Julie Josephine came to life, the mission was always to create high-quality basics that you can always pull from your wardrobe, year after year,” Blystad shares. “So many of our designs are icon styles that we never take out of our collection.”


However, now participating for the first time in Oslo Runway, Julie Josephine reveals its new direction, with Blystad beaming as she says that “it only felt natural to reveal the rebranding now.” “We really feel our brand has grown to become more mature and sophisticated,” Blystad continues. “It was time for a revamp.”

As such, a line-up of hero pieces enters Julie Josephine’s core collection for the autumn/winter season: a chunky knit, a pin-striped suit, and light wool loungewear in dark khaki, navy, and grey with the occasional pop of burgundy. They’re all looks you’d want to throw in your suitcase. “I always have in mind: ‘What garments would you pack in your suitcase and feel good in throughout an entire day,’” Says Blystad. The answer? “It is the garments that are carefully thought through and designed in a quality that last year after year.”

It is all about the no-nonsense essentials that make getting dressed an effortless affair. “The design team and I are usually very practical in our mindset before we start our design process for a new collection,” Blystad shares. “It is all about feeling your best in clothing and what feels effortless and easy to put on when you have your hectic mornings.”

With such simple silhouettes and a muted colour scheme, textile, and texture become tremendously important. Soft jerseys mingle with cashmere and wool, while lightweight silk and crispy cotton add an element of sophistication. “We have also worked on finding textures that feel warm and flowy, and that gives you the feeling of ease,” says Blystad. After all, everyday essentials lay the foundation for all of our wardrobes. And for Julie Josephine, “a classic white shirt with a twist will always be in focus.”

Julie Josephine - AW23