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Join our Norwegian fashion editor as she gets ready for Venice Film Festival

By Esteban G Villanueva

In partnership with Armani Beauty

Walking the red carpet is no easy feat. One is at mercy of all the lights and cameras, and, just like a knight going into battle, one should always be prepared. Fortunately in this situation, Vogue Scandinavia's Norwegian fashion editor Rawdah Mohamed is no stranger to said crusades. With her sword, Armani Beauty’s Lip Power in the classic 400 red, and her shield, the Luminous Silk Foundation, she goes into battle with skin smoother than silk and a natural glow from within.


Check out now how she, Molly Rustas and Josefine HJ get ready to walk down the carpet of Venice's La Biennale di Venezia with Armani Beauty, official sponsor of the Venice Film Festival.