Jennifer Blom - runway - SS23

By Anna Clarke

Bright gem-like hues inspired by watery sea creatures of the depths

The ethereal, jewel-coloured goddess-style dresses of Jennifer Blom shone out bright on an otherwise grey, drizzly Scandinavian afternoon. This joy-bringing show was a stark contrast to the industrial red brick setting of the former Birka Cruises terminal on Stockholm’s Stadsgårdsleden, but the clever juxtaposition by the designer and her team only seemed to cement the themes explored in the collection – the natural world vs the man-made one.


For Blom’s spring/summer 2023, models glided down the runway, cascading material billowing out behind many of them, as if floating through time and space. The theme of the day was ‘sea umbrella’ and the inspiration? One of the world’s most fascinating marine animals: the jellyfish. Through a series of brightly coloured, floor-skimming gowns, with hues of bright apple green, aquamarine and eye-watering fuchsia pinks, and standout silhouettes in delicate organza and chiffon helped to leave a smile on many of the audience’s faces. This was Mother Nature at her best.

While the importance of sustainability was clear on the runway too, with Blom placing her focus on second hand and making the ease of renting her dresses ultra straightforward. “I’ve always believed that people value hand crafts and sustainable alternatives when it comes to fashion. The garments I make lead to minimal waste and eliminates over-production. I also strive to deliver the highest textile quality with a unique value and guaranteed long life time,” she says.

“It’s so inspiring to see how young consumers today are embracing circular design – it gives me hope!” And we have to note, it does much the same for us.

See the full collection below:

Jennifer Blom - runway - SS23