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It's still complicated to be a female artist who owns their sexuality

By Loreen
Loreen wearing white tank top and jeans

Photo: Charli Ljung

Loreen explores the misconceptions and double standards that come with being a female artist unafraid to be themselves

Freedom means no constraints and no judgement. Most people will agree that freedom and free will is a good thing, yet somehow in 2021 it is still provocative when a woman uses freedom to express her sexuality.


As a female artist I have faced this issue over and over again. The idea that a woman who is actively communicating sexuality within her platform, is only doing so mainly because 'sex sells.' She is objectified by men, and her sexuality is a sign of submission rather than a tool of empowerment.

These thinly-veiled rules are immensely frustrating. I have been reprimanded by both men and women for the way I’ve chosen to present myself as an artist. Time after time, I have refused to accept that I did not have the same right to exhibit or express myself through my body, as my male counterparts. That has pushed me to use my platform to address these issues.