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How Minecraft YouTuber Lydia Winters became a major horology influencer

By Kristian Haagen

After years making gaming videos, a move to Sweden and an experiment with a timepiece-focused Instagram account have made Lydia Winters an important figure in the Scandinavian watch industry

"I had never even visited Europe before I stepped off the plane the day I moved to Stockholm," says Lydia Winters. "I never even had a passport before that. It was a big culture shock coming from Florida." It may have been a shock, but Winters has certainly made the most of the move. A decade on from touching down in Sweden, she is Chief Storyteller at Mojang Studios (the company who created Minecraft), has made Forbes' famed '30 under 30' list, and - in less than a year - has attracted an audience of nearly 7,000 on her watch-dedicated Instagram account.