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Inside this spontaneous micro-wedding at Stockholm's famed Town Hall

By Vanessa Mulquiney
Christine Maria Wedding

Christine Gelfgren (left) and Maria Nilsson. Photo: Magnus Bergqvist

Dressed in head-to-toe Swedish designers, Christine and Maria demonstrate how to get married, change jobs and move countries all in a pandemic

It’s widely accepted that some of the most stressful life events include changing jobs, moving homes or countries in the midst of a pandemic… and getting married.

While some people would do their best to avoid tackling more than one big life event at a time, art director Maria Nilsson and marketing manager Christine Gelfgren – perhaps with a gentle shove from the universe – took on all three. They jumped into their marriage, change of country, and change of job, feet first and, albeit one broken shoe strap later, lived to tell the tale. 

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