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It's a woman's watch world: Finnish watchmaker Susan Galvin on her eponymous brand

By Kristian Haagen

The watch industry is perceived as a male-dominated industry, from founders to CEOs, designers and auctioneers. However, more and more female personalities are making headlines, and the founder of the Galvin Watch Company is one of them

For people in the know, it is obvious that Hans Wilsdorf founded Rolex and that the Dutch Grönefeld brothers launched their eponymous brand. Likewise, it is no secret that Aurel Bacs is the man with the hammer at Phillips Auctions, banging a full year of white-glove sales in 2021 [white glove sale means all lots were sold, which is rather unusual]. Lesser known, however, are the many women entering the horological industry and making a name for themselves. CEOs, collectors, founders and auction insiders, all traditionally male endeavours, are seeing a seismic shift. Women are making their mark on the world of watches.


In a series of articles for Vogue Scandinavia, I will interview the women that make a difference in an otherwise male-dominated industry. The first interview is Finnish born watchmaker and founder of Galvin Watch Company in Australia, Susan Galvin.