Imaskopi - SS24

By Linnéa Pesonen

For Imaskopi's latest collection and runway showcase, designer Nelly Skog took us back to the playground

Amidst the piercing glare of spotlights in the otherwise dimly-lit restaurant Bleck in Stockholm's Södermalm, expressionless models move through the space. The occasion? The runway show of Imaskopi’s latest collection, marking the third for the emerging Swedish knitwear label.

“The collection is inspired by rag dolls and imaginary friends,” explains the brand's founder Nelly Skog. “It is about incorporating a childlike and exaggerated essence into the handmade clothing.” The blank stares indeed evoke a doll-like feeling, as do the non-gendered garments, meticulously hand-knitted with blown-up proportions – as if the models were little kids donning them.

For the line-up, Skog worked with enlarged children’s garments, most evident in the array of little shorts and charming, buttoned cardigans. The designer also showcased her technical prowess with the various knitting techniques used and wigs created out of yarn. “In focus for the present collection are preconceptions and notions of what is flattering, childish and craftsmanship,” Skog says.

While the colour palette comprises mostly moody blacks and greys – inspired by fog and sunrise – there’s a certain playfulness to the clothes, manifested in the quirky layering and knitted teddies attached to using large safety pins. Some models emerge carrying their plushies in their hands: just like children bring their favourite stuffed animals along wherever they go, imaginary friends can travel with us anywhere.

See the full Imaskopi SS24 collection below: