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"I'm never happy with my own work. I can't stand it" Meet the artist: Fatima Moallim

By Saskia Neuman


Photo: Frida-My

From a refugee camp in Norrland to some of the world's most important galleries - Fatima Moallim's ascent cannot be ignored

Fatima Moallim’s rise has been meteoric in the past year. The self-taught artist already has a sweeping list of impressive career accomplishments, exhibiting site-specific works at Göteborgs Konsthall in Gothenburg, Marabouparken and Moderna Museet in Stockholm. Now, she's preparing for a major solo exhibition at a gallery in Stockholm and will travel to New York in 2022.

Moallim’s practice is based in drawing and performance, where the act of drawing becomes the focal point of her artistry. During these performances, with her back to the audience, viewers are invited to see her work take shape on the wall, by peering over, and into, her process, which takes place in almost complete silence. Some liken this aspect of her performance to prayer, with a hushed, meditative atmosphere surrounding her work. With great intent she creates art that reflects both her humour and depth as an artist.


Familjealbum (2021) by Fatima Moallim. Photo: Andreas Berglund


Photo: Andreas Berglund

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