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“I’m done trying to make people feel comfortable”: May Lifschitz on trans visibility and upturning expectations

By Jennifer Nilsson

Cut-out top, Laced trousers. Both Charlie Malmsten. Shoes, May's own. .

After her role in Netflix hit Warrior Nun, the Danish star talks exploitation, swapping modelling for acting and “being the thing you wish to see”

When May Lifschitz arrives on our screen via Zoom, the Danish actress and model immediately radiates warmth and calm. “I just came back home from walking my dog,” she says casually as soon as she connects. And sure enough, a furry black and white nose suddenly comes into view, closely followed by a pair of huge puppy dog eyes. It’s a surprising yet friendly opening to our conversation and one that typifies the relaxed manner in which the Warrior Nun star fields our questions. Lifschitz is down-to-earth and forthright, despite the natural distance that Zoom can sometimes impose upon a conversation – and the caginess that can often accompany rising celebrity status.