Ida Sjöstedt - AW23

By Olivia Ekelund

Photo courtesy of the brand.

Sparkling Nordic beauty “with a dark twist”: step inside Ida Sjöstedt’s magical autumn/winter 2023 collection

When founding her eponymous label, Ida Sjöstedt wanted to create clothes that would inspire women to connect with their softness. For those who had once been little girls dreaming of living in a fairytale, asking to cover every inch of their room in pink. That is the aspect of femininity that Sjöstedt speaks to through the elegant silhouettes and delicate detailing of her designs. But there is more richness and depth to her designs than just the damsel side of womanhood, as shown through the brand's autumn/winter 2023 collection. Inspired by Nordic folklore and Hans Arnold’s world of dark magic, Sjöstedt stays true to her feminine graces, but with a more seductive undertone, taking her fairytale aesthetic to a darker, shadowy place. “With my collections I always want to convey a feeling, and this time the vision was to create something evocative; romantic with a dark twist.”


To achieve this, Sjöstedt turned to natural tones and textures: moss, wet earth and fallen leaves, with hues of burnt orange and myrtle green colouring the collection. Hints of glitter throughout nod to starry midnights. Still, Sjöstedt's telltale blushes are ever-present, showing that while she invites a darker feel to her autumn/winter lines, the floral shades and motifs that distinguish her designs are suitable year round.

Sjöstedt has always used the season’s natural shifts to capture the fullness of femininity. "Just as the seasons change, the Ida girl always undergoes a metamorphosis from the sweet, light-hearted spring to a more mature woman in the autumn.” This allows her designs to form seamless looks that fit together to make up a complete wardrobe. This collection is no different. Standout pieces include knitted sets with floral appliqués and a quilted jacket and suit combination, making for elegant and cosy winter pairings. A bevy of trademark slinky skirts and tulle frocks are dotted throughout, alongside classic form-following suits. All in all, the collection is the picture of Nordic winter beauty, with a hint of magic to boot.

Ida girls can rest easy that they are doing their part for nature too. Sjöstedt is meticulous when it comes to sustainable production. The brand only manufactures to accurately meet demand which avoids excess stock, and the clothes themselves are made of 20 per cent stock materials. And when it comes to longevity and design the brand has a clear motto: “a garment is not sustainable unless it is desirable enough to wear and keep for a long, long time.” Amen, we say.

Ida Sjöstedt - AW23