How to style a white shirt this summer

By Fashion Denmark - Sophia Roe

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One piece, so many occasions.

A hero staple in every closet, the white shirt has impeccable pedigree: over the years, it’s been favoured by style icons from Grace Kelly to Kendall Jenner, featured in Peter Lindbergh’s iconic photographs and formed the bedrock of collections by design titans including Jil Sander and Calvin Klein.

Simple and sophisticated, the piece to choose when you want impress and when you want to dress down, the white shirt has an androgynous effortlessness no other garment can match. In a white shirt, you’ll never feel too casual or too smart. The bottom line? The white shirt is the most important and versatile piece in your wardrobe.

As the fashion industry moves towards a more sustainable future and consumers become more concerned with their clothes’ eco-credentials, it’s worth investing in classics that will endure the test of time. The white shirt has proved itself over the decades to be an invaluable essential, lasting many seasons and never going out of style. Below are my five favourite ways to style this failsafe fashion choice.


For a celebration

The white shirt may be masculine by design, but there are plenty of ways to feminise the look: if you’re dressing for a more festive occasion, look for details like an oversized collar, lace or ruffles.


For business

When dressing for work, opt for a sophisticated, clean cut for the most classic look. Always allow the bolder silhouette to be reflected in your trousers or suit jacket for an outfit that will impress your colleagues, day after day.


For a relaxed vibe

For a chilled out day, nothing could work better than a laid-back, boyfriend fit shirt. Choose something oversized that could have been stolen from the rack in your better half’s closet for the ultimate low-key option.


For dinner out

Going out and not sure what to wear? You can never go wrong with a white shirt, a pair of jeans and a great heel: an effortless but impactful look. To pull it off, keep the statement pieces to a minimum and go for just one or two eye-catching elements, such as a shirt with a light pattern, or beautiful jewellery.


For summer heat

When it comes to summer style, there’s no doubt Jane Birkin did in best. To get that 1970s feel, pair your white shirt with flared jeans and a simple, straw bag. If you’re on holiday, throw the style rules out of the window – you’re not at work, so leave the business casual look at home! One of my favourite ways to wear a white shirt on holiday is to pick a linen version, leave a few buttons undone and tie it at the waist.

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