How 3 fashion insiders celebrated their Crayfish parties

By Natalie Salmon

Crayfish season is upon us, this is how three Scandi stylistas celebrated in style

Tis crayfish season – the time of year when Swedes grab a boatload of kräftor, put on their party hats, sing celebratory songs and drink lots and lots of schnapps. If you've never eaten a crayfish, it's quite an undertaking. Cracking the shell and slurping the meat is no easy task for a novice, but any good Swede can barrel through a pile in a sitting. And for those who don't eat shellfish, there's typically plenty of Västerbotten pie on offer. (Elsa Hosk has perfected her own recipe here.) We checked in with three of Stockholm's fashion industry insiders on how their crayfish parties went down.

Andrea Hegard's Country-Western Crayfish Party

Andrea Hegard is a Norwegian musician and vintage clothing aficionado. The songstress says her greatest love is "fringe jackets." Hegard resides in Stockholm with her husband Daniel, pug Memphis and their baby son River. She's currently working on her country music EP and releasing her next single very soon, but still found time to celebrate Kräft season in style.

How did you celebrate this year?

I hosted a crayfish party in the Country with close friends, Margaritas, cowboy hats and a ton of crayfish. We Danced the night away by the fireplace. It felt like the perfect way to end the summer and welcome Autumn.

What's the secret to a good crayfish party?

I’m a huge hat or costume person, I think giving your guests something fun to put on by the table adds the little extra fun... It makes people loosen up quicker. Drink lots of drinks, and all kinds of akvavit! Also the snapsvisor (schnapps songs) are a huge part of the dinner… and last but not least some good old salty crayfish.

Andrea Hegard and her trademark pink cowboy hat.

Hegard's husband Daniel wears a crayfish costume for the festivities.

How many Crayfish can you eat in one sitting and what parts of the crayfish do you eat?

A lot. And I eat the whole thing! They usually say half a kilo per person but i can easily eat a kilo. Possibly more. I love it!

What side dishes do you need to have on the crayfish table?

For me the Västerbotten cheese is a must, I also really enjoy the Västerbotten pie.

What were you wearing?

I actually had a costume change. I started the night in a sparkling blue suit but quickly realised the fluffy cuffs where not a great idea with the crayfish that usually gets all over the place! I also wore my pink cowboy hat, it always puts me in a good mood.

Guests enjoying the crayfish.

Margaritas were the drink of choice to accompany the crayfish.

CDLP's Fashion Industry Crayfish Party

Christian Larson and Andreas Palm, founders of CDLP hosted an exclusive crayfish party, with industry attendees including Vogue Scandinavia's own senior fashion writer Allyson Shiffman, and Young Royals star Omar Rudberg.

How did you celebrate this year?

We served press and our friends a typically Swedish crayfish dinner at the Theatre Grill in central Stockholm.

**What's the secret to a good crayfish party? **

Weird hats, strong schnapps, odd drinking songs, decent crayfish and open-minded company. Nobody is cool while eating crayfish.

How many Crayfish can you eat in one sitting and what parts of the crayfish do you eat?

Limitless. Primarily the tail, but our designer Ingrid is a bit more avant-garde and sucks their brain out.

What side dishes do you need to have on the crayfish table?

Bread, cheese and a chanterelle pie for bonus points.

What were you wearing?

Customised crayfish hats made by our studio manager Majken, matched with vintage rubber claws in red.

Ida-Sofia Klingspor's Classic Crayfish Party

Ida-Sofia Klingspor is the founder of communications agency VASS and when she isn't Stockholm running her business (which boasts offices in both Stockholm and Oslo) she and her husband reside in their country home. She told us a little more about her Kräftskiva party.

How did you celebrate this year?
We spent the day at our home in the countryside with an intimate gathering of friends we call family. The day started with a duck shoot, enjoying a beautiful late summer-early autumn day outside. One of our guests celebrated their birthday so we started the wrong way around with cake and champagne followed by a crayfish party.

What's the secret to a good crayfish party?
Really good crayfish! We buy from our local fisherman who catches them in lake Hjälmaren. They are fantastic. Snapsvisor are also a key to success and both my husband and I have picked up more than a few tunes over the years... the songs get more rowdy the more schnapps you drink.

How many Crayfish can you eat in one sitting and what parts of the crayfish do you eat?
Being from Gothenburg on the west coast means that you from an early age developed a bit of a skill for eating crayfish... my plate somehow always seems to have the biggest pile of shells.

What side dishes do you need to have on the crayfish table?
Västerbotten pie and toast with one of my favourites (the underrated) spicy cheese.

What were you wearing?
Hats were mandatory! Apart from the feather hat I found in the masquerade room, I wore and LBD from H&M Conscious Collection and blue suede shoes from Jacquemus.

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