House of Dagmar - SS24

By Clare McInerney

Photo: Sonia Szóstak

Scandinavian summertime is all about light so, naturally, House of Dagmar casts a 'golden hour' glow across its SS24 range

Golden hour – interchangeably referenced as 'magic hour' by photographers, cinematographers and the general Instagram collective – sets the mood for House of Dagmar’s spring/summer ‘24 collection. Making its appearance in that fleeting window of time just before the sun disappears for the day, the light of golden hour casts a supercharged warm glow at a low angle across the sky. For Dagmar’s creative director Sofia Wallenstam, the SS24 range needed to evoke that exact sense of “calmness, tranquillity and anticipation of the night”.

The range sees all of Dagmar’s usual codes at play: sculptural, menswear-inspired shapes, crisp volumes achieved in cotton, a sense of delicacy in sheer fabrications. That golden hour feeling is there in the curated colourways – earthy tones, muted greens, pops of blue – which cleverly evoke both glowing natural light and the spanning shadows of sunset. Elsewhere, a trio of casual washed denim pieces serve as something of a palette cleanser.

”We sought to create a collection that encapsulates the essence of Scandinavian minimalism while embracing the feminine spirit,” Wallenstam says. The result is a blend of sharpness and sensuality that we will be basking in all season long.

See the full House of Dagmar SS24 collection below: