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Holzweiler’s new eyewear was made for your minimalist wardrobe

By Betty Bachz

Photo: Eivind Hamrand

As part of its ever growing product portfolio, Norwegian Holzweiler launches sunglasses – marking the brand’s first foray into the world of eyewear

Simplicity done well can be a powerful thing, Norwegian fashion house Holzweiler would know. This notion has contributed to much of the brand’s success and accession to a well-established player within the more approachable and price-conscious contemporary category. As a result, Holzweiler’s ready-to-wear collections are inherently minimalistic, featuring a neutral palette and heavy focus on staple pieces or “basics with a twist”.


Now that same brand philosophy has been translated into a timeless eyewear collection with a contemporary edge, a collaboration with Norwegian optician institution Krogh Optikk.