From long bike rides to wrinkle-free clothes – Hanna Stefansson on her 5 life must-haves

By Lola Froebe
Take five Hanna Stefansson

The Copenhagen-based content creator shares the things that help to elevate her everyday

Welcome to our new bi-monthly series "Take five" featuring inspiring Scandinavian tastemakers on the five life-enhancing items, habits or encounters that help guarantee a balanced, joy-filled life.

From time to time, you meet people that have a distinct flair about them. It is this particular kind of ease that is hard to pinpoint in words, rather, when you meet them you're left with a lasting impression. In the case of Hanna Stefansson, this feeling permeates through her colourful Instagram feed radiating well beyond your iPhone screen.

The Swede moved to Copenhagen almost six years ago where she not only found a place that she truly loves, but also the men of her life: Danish photographer Frederik Darre and their son Arne. Hanna first started her soon iconic blog back in 2008 when living in France, and used to work in copywriting, PR, and marketing until 2015 when she became a full-time digital creator and consultant. Known for an infectiously big smile and her eclectic yet refined looks composed of Scandi favourites such as By Malene Birger, House of Dagmar, and Ganni, Hanna splits her time between the world of fashion and family life with inspiring grace.

Here, Hanna Stefansson shares the five things that contribute to her imperturbable sunny mood:


Blithe bike detours

Take five Hanna Stefansson

Photo: Julia Spicer

I bike everywhere, every day. The feeling of biking in Copenhagen is actually one of the reasons I decided to move here. I had a dream vision of me sitting in a Christiania bike with my dream man and babies, bread, and flowers. I just need to get a big family bike to make that dream come true now – I'm forever grateful for that.


Cosy interiors

Take five Hanna Stefansson

My Helle Mardahl lamp has got to be my favourite object in our apartment. I got it from Frederik as a birthday gift several years ago. It’s the most beautiful lamp and it's so satisfying just looking at it. At night it looks like a full moon, it just brings me so much joy and calmness day after day, year after year – I truly love it.


Enriching devices

Take five Hanna Stefansson

Though this might be a dull answer, the truth is I’m so thankful for my iPhone. It’s what I use for work in order to create inspiring images and to speak to all of my Swedish friends and family on a daily basis. I try to use it intentionally – I always turn off random suggestions, so it only shows the ones I follow on Instagram to keep it a place for inspiration and not anxiety.


Wrinkle-free clothes

Take five Hanna Stefansson

I could not live without my steamer. I’m not a fan of wrinkly clothes and I just love how simple it is compared to iron. It saves me so much time and makes my clothes look better.


My trusty wheels

Take five Hanna Stefansson

My boyfriend Frederik sold our old Volkswagen Golf 1 cabriolet last year as it’s not really a family car, but it was certainly a thing that made my life better. All our getaways have been in that car – especially our road trip down to the south of France – and the feeling of freedom will be a part of me forever. In a way it felt like 'Hansi' (the car) was our first family member. Materialistic love.