It’s only good hair days from now on with these Vogue-approved dry shampoos

By Greta Westman

Dry shampoo is a total saviour for many of us, but with so many varieties on the market, which is the best to go for? Let us help...

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This scene will be familiar to many of us. You're running late, you've got to leave the house in ten minutes, so the inevitable thing to skip is the shower and blow dry. We're all busy people and for many of us, dry shampoo is the little mid-week hair pick-me-up which we just can't do without.

The product aims to degrease your locks by absorbing oils and sweat from the strands. There are two types of different dry shampoos: the powder option or the aerosol. Granted, both are great in a pinch, but do remember that you need to brush out the residue after application.

Another important thing to note is that dry shampoos use active ingredients, such as alcohols, which can be drying when overused, use these products sparingly. And if your tresses lean towards the very dry side, then skip it entirely.


Powder dry shampoo is wonderful, especially for those with finer hair as it often has great volumising qualities. Though it doesn't have as much hold (think of it as a bit like face powder) it simply takes away the shine. A great top tip for applying powder dry shampoo is to add the powder to a fluffy makeup brush and apply it your locks for a mess-free application.

Powder dry shampoo

Maria Nila powder dry shampoo

Maria Nila

Continu powder dry shampoo


Bumble & Bumble powder dry shampoo

Bumble & Bumble



The highly practical – and often more popular – sibling to powder dry shampoo. It works best on thicker hair, and though it still holds some volumising properties, it's not as much as the powder. But take note: some dry shampoos like the Bjon Axen have great holding capabilities, so it's a two pronged product.

Aerosol dry shampoo

Living Proof dry shampoo

Living Proof

Björn Axén dry shampoo

Björn Axén

Briogeo dry shampoo