Go See with Vogue Scandinavia: Exploring Malina's colourful world from founder Malin Ek Andrén's home

By Vogue Scandinavia's Video Team

In our video series 'Go See with Vogue Scandinavia, follow editor in chief Martina Bonnier as she steps into the homes, boutiques and ateliers of top Nordic fashion figures to explore and style the latest collections and drops

Weddings with lace-trimmed veils and sorbet bridesmaids, endless parties, joyful graduations, and birthdays filled with bubbly toasts and cheek-kisses; maxi dresses worn during sun-drenched trips and endless summer days; sipping Aperol Spritz and swinging your basket bag. For most of us, Swedish brand Malina is associated with the very best of life. And founder Malin Ek Andrén's has the quintessential Malina wardrobe.


Taking a journey down memory lane with Ek Andrén, Vogue Scandinavia's editor in chief Martina Bonnier steps into the founder's Stockholm abode and dives head-first into the designer's colourful closet. Tune in as Bonnier revels in Malina's maximalist maxi dresses and Ek Andrén's fabulous personal collection of luxury handbags and shoes.

Watch the full video below: