Babba Rivera talks us through her favourite items from her cleverly curated wardrobe

By Babba Rivera

Ceremonia founder and entrepreneur Babba Rivera opens up her closet and reminisces on some of her most precious possessions and coveted pieces

Known for seamlessly merging the well-loved minimal Scandi style with the vibrant, colourful Latin aesthetic, Babba Rivera has cemented herself as a fashion icon across the globe. From vintage finds, classic staples, and eclectic pieces, she isn't afraid to experiment when it comes to style and admits her “closet serves many purposes beyond just storing clothes”. It’s a source of “inspiration” and a place to display her special, treasured piece. Amidst her second pregnancy, the entrepreneur opens up the doors of her wardrobe to showcase some of these treasures. We discover her most recent vintage splurge, see the heels she can wear all day without getting sore feet, and peruse her incredible collection of suits.


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