GmbH - SS25

By Josefin Forsberg

In Berlin, GmbH's Norwegian co-founder Benjamin A. Huseby and creative partner Serhat Işık pay homage to the immigrant community with a collection for the Rocky resistance

For spring/summer '25, GmbH's creative duo Benjamin A. Huseby and Serhat Işık started with a set of questions: "Lately, we have often wondered what a return of fascism would look like. Would we recognise it before it’s too late?" they asked. "Will there be a single event to mark it, or will it slowly be chiselling away at society, with a thousand seemingly unrelated events?"


Dubbed 'resistance through rituals', GmbH questions what the return of fascism would look like and how it might manifest in society with its new collection. "Living in Germany, as queer children of Muslim immigrants – our community, which intersects with all these experiences – si facing intensified persecutions in recent times," say Huseby and Işık. To the duo, resistance is a survival strategy in the face of adversity. "What is resistance?" they ask. "Resistance is believing in a better world for everyone and fighting for it."

In trying times, fashion tends to be a medium for change. Sometimes explicit, with political slogans printed on T-shirts. On other occasions, the message is less direct: seen in the choice of fabric or silhouette. For GmbH, the latter rang true this season. The collection, modelled by friends and family of the brand, is fight-ready. The cinched blazers were given hoods inspired by a boxers gown, intricate patchwork tops come paired with micro boxing shorts, and chainmail-reminiscent silver sequins dotted the lineup. As for accessories, metallic sharp-toed sneakers designed in collaboration with Swedish brand Axel Arigato stomped down the runway next to fold-over leather boots and slip-in sandals.

"Heroes and heroines, both real and those from our childhood fantasies are here, all as our dream fighters of the resistance," shares Huseby and Işık. 'Resistance Through Rituals' is a celebration of both them and of the values GmbH is founded on."

See every look from GmbH's spring/summer '25 collection below:

All images by Finnegan Koi