Give into the autumn aesthetic with Hermès' new lipstick collection

By Esteban G Villanueva

Photo: Hermès

Surprisingly the colour verdict calls for more than just the typical neutral shades and challenges the season with bolder, brighter colours

Autumn is a season characterised by toned down, muted and —mostly— neutral colours. When thinking of the ever-so-present fall aesthetic one automatically seeps into browns, burnt oranges and deep plums for colour inspiration. However, Hermès took a different turn, and opted for brighter, berry-inspired hues for the new season.


True to the house’s style — where adding bold colours and creating signature moments is a must — they chose an approach that highlighted the warmth and energy of the festive season and that at the same time, breathes life and energy into a season that slowly withers to the clemency of nature’s cycle.

The hues — Rose Magenta, Rose Tamisé and Orange Brûlé — sport a matte-velvety finish that plays along beautifully with the natural course of events autumn and winter are known to host. Allowing the wearer to go from a casual look, with just a slight colour application, to a polished formal evening aesthetic, with a full lip. On top of that, why limit oneself to the traditional lipstick application? The creamy consistency of the lipstick allows for a seamless blend that entails it to be used not only as a lip colour but also as a blush and even eyeshadow, for those daring to break the traditional rules.

Orange Brûlé.

Rose Magenta.

Rose Tamisé.

Now, onto the specific shades, each one of them ties beautifully into different berry shades seen during the bookend of the year. They are reminiscent of parties, homemade patisseries and the changing foliage we all get mesmerised by during this time.

Rose Tamisé presents a tones down, unsaturated shade of mulberry, inspired by the elusiveness and diaphanousness of the evening mist or the shifting reflections of a rose on the surface of water, playing with light. Orange Brûlé, very true to its name, depicts a slightly burnt, richly pigmented shade of orange that seems to have stolen its shade from the leaves when they’re just about to fall off the garden’s tree. Finally, Rose Magenta brings life and energy to the party, with its dense, intense, piercing pink. It envelops shadow in a fiery embrace, a star-spangled whirlwind of joy.

The message at the end is clear as day, as for this new season we will embrace life and even as the weather drops and the days get shorter, we will enjoy every moment to its fullest.

Specially designed leather lipstick cases at Hermès' newest collection. Photo: Hermès