Gestuz - SS24

By Josefin Forsberg

Rome was not built in a day, and neither was Gestuz. Celebrating the brand's 15th anniversary, creative director Sanne Sehestedt draw inspiration from a lauded past and ancient artworks

Gestuz's SS24 collection sauntered down the runway in the architectural allure of Den Grå Hal. The space – where antique wooden beams cosy up to chipped concrete – presented a fitting framework for creative director Sanne Sehestedt's collection: a veritable revelry of wild references spanning classicism and pop culture. Think Grecian goddess meets 80s rocker.


At the start of the brand's 15-year-long journey, Sehestedt frequently searched for perfection. Lately, however, she has realised perfection is "neither achievable nor interesting." Instead, the SS24 lineup is all about "embracing beauty while simultaneously rebelling against it,” according to Sehested. “Beauty is never one-sided but is underlined and personalised by the contrast of imperfections, honesty, and rebellion,” Sehested continued.

At first glance, this concept of imperfect beauty seemed diametrically opposed to Sehestedt's main inspiration: ancient statues. After all, these were men and women carved from marble to symbolise idealised beauty. But as each draped dress, floor-skimming coat, and work-wear inspired jumpsuit made its way down the runway, the flowing fabrics were punctuated by serendipitous "imperfect" punk elements. A classic case of contrast, where Jeweller Ninna York and her steel pieces pierced the bubble with an unexpected edge. A touch of old-world grace, a splash of modern verve: studded denim and leather juxtaposed by elegant long-line silhouettes.

If Gestuz's AW23 woman was a black widow and a femme fatale, this season, she became "lighter": with a base of whites, beige, and denim blues, waves of yellow and dark brown flowed through the collection. A more vulnerable version of Gestuz, which Sehestedt hopes show-goers and fans will welcome.

Discover all the looks from Gestuz’s spring/summer '24 collection below:

Gestuz SS24