Your exclusive look inside Malina’s new Stockholm store, and what to expect next from the beloved brand

By Josefin Forsberg

Photo: Dana Ozollapa

Malina has officially said ‘bye bye’ to ByMalina. Entering a new chapter, with a refreshed logo and a new store, the coveted Swedish occasion wear brand invites Vogue Scandinavia for an exclusive first look at its new location

Nestled among brands like Chanel, Moncler, Prada, and Ralph Lauren, Malina’s new store is a masterclass in escapist interiors and brand-savvy curation. “Our aim was to immerse customers in the world of Malina,” founder Malin Ek Andrén said ahead of the store opening. “Translating the essence of the Hellenic heritage into a physical store, we wanted the store to authentically reflect that theme.”


Conceptualized by CJ Studio, this theme permeates not just the interiors but also the soundscape and scent of the store. “The meeting point of the travertine stone and tiles is a personal favourite,” Ek Andrèn shares. The custom-made bright orange registry is another eye-catching detail. “We’ve fully embraced the concept of Mediterranean luxury, painstakingly selecting each detail,” Ek Andrén emphasizes. “From stones and fabrics to colours and furniture, every element is chosen to elevate the overall experience.”

Malin Ek Andrén inside the new Malina store. Photo: Dana Ozollapa

The opening of a new flagship store follows the announcement of a big rebranding process transforming By Malina to Malina. “I have contemplated changing the name for some time,” says Ek Andrén, who notes that the new logo – consisting of block letters and a wave detail – better reflects the brand’s deep-rooted love for the Mediterranean. “It’s a nod to my Greek heritage through my grandmother, Manto,” says Ek Andrén. “This blend of aesthetics reflects what Malina represents today: Scandinavian infused with Mediterranean influences.”

For the brand, the transformation is marked by a more assertive approach, evident in Malina’s new partnerships, events, and shoots. “In terms of collections, we’re honing in on smaller, more detailed and sustainable collections,” Ek Andrén explains. “As I’ve grown and evolved alongside the brand, I've come to strongly identify with the woman who wears Malina,” she continues. “Initially, she was someone who appreciated femininity and vibrant pieces, regardless of age, but also valued statement pieces with timeless appeal. Now, she radiates more confidence and edginess, embodying the new Malina persona.”

Below, discover the new Malina store in central Stockholm:

An exclusive look inside Malina's new Stockholm Store