6 date ideas in Copenhagen – with a difference

By Sophie Axon

Courtesy of CopenHot.

Dinner for two is always a top formula, but here, we encourage Copenhageners to venture outside the comfort zone to spark romance…

Coming up with enticing date plans – especially for Valentine's Day – can feel like a full-time job in itself. Once you’ve exhausted the latest cinema releases and tried every cafe around, then you need to start on the slightly out-of-the-ordinary spots which offer a date with a little bit of a difference. And as much as we would love to, we can’t write a script and orchestrate your very own 'meet cute', but we can offer you a guide to some of the most romantic and quirky nooks that Copenhagen has to offer.


So ditch the humdrum outing for something much more memorable with your loved one. Here are six Vogue Scandinavia-approved ideas to try on the most romantic day of the year.


Watch the Danish Royal Ballet rehearse over coffee

Opting to go for a cup of coffee is a classic first date suggestion, casual and intimate but without committing to anything as significant as dinner. And while it’s true that the cosiness of a coffee shop creates a prime setting for those deeper conversations, there comes a time where cafe-hopping can all get a little monotonous. So to sprinkle a little bit more excitement into a quintessential coffee date, book two free tickets to “Ballet and Brunch” at the city’s Royal Opera House.

Going to the ballet typically calls for heels and a fancy dress, but there’s certainly an appeal to rocking up to watch the proceedings cross-legged in the theatre stalls with a coffee in hand, wearing nothing but jeans, a jumper and a grin. So no need to worry about any awkward silences as the performance is the perfect distraction, just sip along as dancers from the Royal Danish Ballet pirouette across the stage during their morning rehearsal. And if conversation still proves a little stilted then this culture-heavy breakfast is bound to get the conversation going.

Kongens Nytorv 9, 1050 Copenhagen

Photo: @madsalexanderlund

Photo: @vinccimora


Explore the Royal Cast Collection on a private tour

Hosted by Statens Museum for Kunst, the cast collection opened its doors in 1984 as one of Europe’s largest and most distinguished cast collections, with over two thousand well-preserved artefacts. In amongst the collection, which sits on Copenhagen’s waterfront in the West Indian Warehouse, you’ll find pagan gods and ancient heroes, along with a copy of the statue of Liberty’s very own hand. While the space is often reserved for special events, guided tours and special appointments can be booked online. It’s the perfect intimate spot for a secluded date between two art lovers who might have already exhausted the city’s Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek or Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

Tolbodgade 40, 1253 Copenhagen

Photo: @abdellahihadian


Gaze under the stars at the Planetarium

Remember Sebastian and Mia’s magical date at the Planetarium in La La Land? Well, this is your Danish equivalent and it’s not to be missed. For an elevated version of a walk-and-talk, arrange an evening trip to the Planetarium to experience the starry wonders of the solar system through imposing astronomical visuals and drift off to another universe entirely. Get to know one another as you waltz about the building, and fill any little moments of pause with fun facts about the great wonders of space. And when you’ve had your starry fill, carry on the conversation with a nighttime stroll around the lakes, walking hand in hand against the starry sky.

Gl. Kongevej 10, 1610 Copenhagen

Photo: Courtesy of By Planetarium


Let your inner artist flourish at pottery school

There’s something unequivocally romantic about sharing an artistic moment with your love. But instead of perching behind a kiln to recreate the famous scene from Ghost, why not get creative with a paintbrush over a pottery painting class? In Creative Space, one of Copenhagen’s most popular pottery workshops, unwind together, take a break from your screens and get a little inspired. Or if you’re feeling playful (and a little competitive) try drawing one another’s portraits on your pottery, the winner buys the wine.

Gl. Kongevej 154, 1850 Copenhagen


Embrace the cold with a sauna and swim

You might not necessarily want to reveal all on a first date, but there’s something a little thrilling about getting outdoors and embracing the chilly nordic weather around this time of the year. Plus, a sauna session is a great opportunity to get to know one another on a deeper level (beyond clothing layers) as saunas provide the perfect space to chat and talk freely. Start with a waterfront dip in the vibrant district of Reffen, followed by a session at CopenHot. With a contemporary wooden appearance, the floating sauna offers stunning city views back over the harbour. It’s a great way to break the ice on a first date, and for seasoned couples, it’s a charmingly Nordic way to switch up cosy afternoons at home.

Ved Stranden 26, 1061 Copenhagen

Photo: Courtesy of Wonderful Copenhagen


Learn the history of fashion at the Barbie Museum

Channel your inner child and slide into yesteryear at Copenhagen’s very own Barbie museum. Few individuals can claim as much Barbie fascination as Lene Darlie Pedersen who has transformed her downtown apartment into a two-story museum, with over 4,000 dolls curated in cabinets of curiosities. Experiencing the history of the Barbie franchise is one thing, but rather impressively, the dolls present an impeccable history of women’s fashion. We see Dior’s clobber, bohemian attire from the ‘70s, as well as art-inspired garments with reference to Van Gogh, Matisse and other masters. After a guided tour from Lene herself, you’ll be left swooning.

Vibevej 52, 2400 Copenhagen

An exhibit at Barbie Museum.