Finding your style DNA is a process of empowerment

By Rawdah Mohamed
Rawdah Mohamed red outfit

Our Fashion Editor for Norway, Rawdah Mohammed helps you uncover your true potential through style

My style is as complex as my DNA. Like DNA, consisting of three billion bases, I view my style as many sequences that are sharing information, building and maintaining me from within. Each outfit appearing a certain way and forming the individual that I am. How can we be expected to fit in a traditional box of style, when our style is every bit as intricate as we are?


My style for instance is not set in stone, it is fluid like water, moving through and shaping the landscape as it flows. I don’t hold off on wearing what I want, awaiting some special occasion in the future. That special occasion is now – the person you are today. I do not waste energy on scolding my old self in the ways that I dressed. I find pride in it and salute my old self for being brave enough to dress as I pleased. That is exactly what style Is, it evolves with you. Who I was 10 years ago is not who I am today, and neither is my style. By understanding this I can fully appreciate old style, for simply what it was, an old style, a reflection of my younger self.

Rawdah Mohamed In tulle ruffle outfit

I dress modestly which can be timeless, chic and it can be daring - yes , it can be daring. I choose to disengage with the constant fixation on the woman's body and the social insanity that comes along with it. I don't dress modestly to control men’s thoughts towards my body. I am not responsible for others nor am I concerned with them. It is not about hiding my body nor is my body created solely for others to admire. My style is a reflection of my frame of mind, it helps me develop a strong character. It Is about expressing my sense of being and my alternative style.

I often dress for the mood I want to embrace, and not necessarily my current mood. If I’m feeling nervous walking into an unknown situation such as an interview or a first date I will dress in a way that empowers me - a way that exudes confidence. My style enables me to take control of the narrative, by expressing only what I want to portray to others. Throughout the day, in moments which could have been nerve-wracking, I watch as I grow more confident.

Rawdah Mohamed wearing White outfit

I aim to shop for the person I am today, not a perfect version I expect to be introduced to in the future. I don’t shop from a place of shame nor do I set myself up for a failure. If an item doesn’t excite me, it won’t come home with me, simple. There is no such a thing as my body is at fault, ‘my legs are too long,’ or ‘my hips are too wide.’ The garment is simply too short and too tight. When I’ve done the hard labour of laying down the foundation of what my style is I feel at ease following guidelines on how to build up a perfect wardrobe.

I know what a base is to me and I know that is not necessarily the same for everyone. I prefer a perfect white oversized shirt rather than having the perfect white t-shirt. I can take pleasure in experimenting with style by putting two unexpected items in my wardrobe together and finding them to be a perfect match. I won’t be overwhelmed with all the new trends and only pick up what will strengthen my style: saving money, time and the environment.