Filippa K’s new film is a nostalgic ode to Scandinavian archipelagos

By Clare McInerney

Photo: Filippa K

Creative Director Liisa Kessler shares the personal memories behind Filippa K's dream-like new film, The Crossing

When Liisa Kessler stepped up to the helm of Filippa K at the beginning of 2022, she told Vogue Scandinavia that her new role as Creative Director of the Swedish label would allow her to closely connect with her Nordic roots.

Six months later, her statement holds true as the brand unveils a short film to introduce the spring / summer 2023 collection, inspired by Kessler’s memories of “travelling on a boat through Scandinavian archipelagos”.

Kessler, who is part Finnish, explains how the dream-like film concept stemmed from the “idea of the ferry and what happens on it, in both a literal and fantastical sense”. Sparked by her own personal nostalgia of childhood ferry journeys, she also drew inspiration from the light and nature that form part of the unique commuting experience. "I spent all my childhood summers taking these ferries between Sweden and Finland, so it's connected to very personal memories and has been such a moving, nostalgic experience for me to shoot there now with the whole team."

When it comes to the film's title, The Crossing, it goes beyond the obvious reference to an idea that reoccurs throughout the film, with “a crossing of glances, or bodies. It’s about connections both made and missed," Kessler says.


Directed by Marcel Wepper, The Crossing blurs the line between reality and fantasy to evoke a déjà vu-like feeling of familiarity, against a soft blue gradient backdrop of Scandinavian sea and sky. It shows a range of captivating perspectives, settings and soundscapes in its short length, and while Kessler says all the scenes are meaningful to her, she picks out the first as her favourite “for its feeling of serenity and beautiful boredom”.

The film release marks a milestone moment for Kessler, with spring / summer 2023 being her first comprehensive collection as Creative Director. It’s not her first film launch for the brand, however, as (after a redesign of the brand logo and complete overhaul of its Instagram channel) a short film celebrating the tradition of ice bathing was released alongside a swimwear capsule collection in May. Kessler affirms that films play a big role in her creative storytelling, remarking that “the combination of still photography, film and sound feels so important to us in communicating the holistic story with all its energy, mood and feeling”.

"I spent all my childhood summers taking these ferries between Sweden and Finland, so it's connected to very personal memories, and has been such a moving, nostalgic experience Liisa Kessler, Creative Director of Filippa K

Despite the personal and meaningful nature of the archipelago setting, the real star of the film is, of course, the collection itself. For spring / summer 2023, the Filippa K wardrobe brings new energy to classic silhouettes and puts a feeling of laid-back ease into focus.

It also revisits the spirit and sensuality of 90s-era Filippa K, and Kessler confirms that several pieces from the archives have been reinstated. “Exploring the Filippa K archives, I was so amazed by the timeless power and relevance of these pieces. The opening look (pictured below, left) features a re-edition of the stretch denim capri pant from 2006, and we have also re-editioned the jersey dress, the short denim skirt and the ivory knit dress in the Runway looks.

Photo: Filippa K

Photo: Filippa K

Photo: Filippa K

Which pieces from Filippa K's spring / summer 2023 collection will Kessler have on the highest rotation this season?

"If I have to choose, I think for day definitely the platform clog worn with the carpenter bicolour denim pant, and either the mohair knits, the vanilla jersey shirt or the mesh T-shirt. Definitely one of the tracksuits and coloured bikinis for my holidays, and I can’t wait to wear the closing look (pictured above, right)."

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