The 9 most fashion-forward ski goggles to hit the slopes in

By Eliza Sörman Nilsson
POC Devour-Glacial_ApophylliteGreen

Photo: Gustav Wiking for POC

Protection, but make it fashion

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Athleisure glasses are having a moment. And while brands like Bottega Veneta and Balenciaga – with the help of celebrity endorsement (looking at you Hadids and Kardashian-Jenners) – have made them a go-to on the fashion circuit, it’s meant that styles actually needed for the practicality of outdoor adventures have never been better.

From local fave Chimi’s technicolour lens to Fendi’s logomania skiwear, these are the ski goggles that turn function into a sartorial artform



Logo ski goggles

Via Net-A-Porter

The monogram is undoubtedly one of the most prolific trends to have resurfaced with the return of Y2K fashion - so why not embrace it in your ski aesthetic too? Not only do these Fendi goggles boasts a jacquard-woven stretch-jersey strap but the lens themselves offer a 100 per cent UV protection, keeping your eyes safe on the slopes.



Studded ski goggles

Available in both black and white, Celine's take on ski goggles is all clean lines and neutral tones. We love the shiny studs that embellish the anti-scratch and anti-fog lenses. Want to go the extra style mile? Pair with Celine’s black nylon ski suit.



Cassidy mirrored ski goggles

Via Net-a-Porter

When this French house designs skiwear it take the job very seriously. For Chloé's 'Cassidy' ski goggles, the designer label has teamed up with performance eyewear brand Dragon to ensure fashion at its most functional. The best feature? The violet-tinted mirrored lenses. They’re great at enhancing detail so you can spot even the tiniest hidden bumps and ice.


POC Sports

Devour Glacial

POC Sports is fast becoming the label to turn to for stylish skiwear. Don’t believe us? Head to their online store where many styles are already sold out. Utilising clever tech-based design, the label’s sunglasses are created with unique lens technology that intensifies specific colours and enhances contrasts, all to provide a new level of sensory clarity. We’ll take two.



Logo-jacquard strap ski goggles

Via Matches Fashion

Don’t for a second be fooled into thinking Moncler’s round-lens goggles are purely a sartorial play. The spherical frame is a genius way to provide greater peripheral vision. The blue tinting helps set the Alpine mood giving the lenses greater clarity.



Flight Tracker Ski sunglasses

Designed to enhance colour and contrast so you can see more detail, Oatley knows how to make a day on the hill safe and comfortable - without compromising on style.



Ski Goggles 01 Pink

Swedish eyewear darling, Chimi has an impressive offering of ski goggles. Designed using Carl Zeiss Vision lenses, known for build and glass quality, these goggles come with a dual-lens system. The pink is perfect for sunny days while the orange tint is ideal for low light, making them an all-weather must have.



Vision Small Face Sepia Pink

Offering glass-clear views of the mountain as well as 100 per cent UVA / UVB protection, these goggles are best suited to those who have a slightly smaller face, allowing you to feel protected without being overwhelmed by frames.


Prada by Oakley

Linea Rossa ski goggles

This special edition by Prada and Oakley offer wraparound ski goggles with rimless lens for peripheral vision. At the forefront of cutting edge technology, the lenses are created to ensure visibility on the sunniest and cloudiest days. Complete the set with the matching Prada Linea Rossa for Oatley helmet.