These must-know members of Mabel's music-savvy family may surprise you

By Billie Miro Breskin

Photo: Paolo Zerbini

Swedish-English singer Mabel comes from a lauded family of lyrical geniuses. Considering that music is in her DNA, we explore this pop star's poignant family tree by connecting the chods and humming the harmonies

Mabel, best known for pumping out hits with an entrancing R&B sound, is a force to be reckoned with: community-minded and with a penchant for dressing in designer sets. A talent in her own right, recognised for addictive beats and no-bar lyrics, Mabel has music in her DNA. In fact, she comes from a family filled with musicians. Read on to learn more about six of Mabel’s talented relatives.


Don Cherry

Photo: JP Jazz Archive / Getty Images

It all starts with Don Cherry, Mabel’s step-grandfather. The late trumpeter had a tenured career playing American Jazz with everyone from Ornette Coleman to John Coltrane and Sun Ra. In the 1970s, Don was a pioneer in the genre of world fusion music, melding inspirations from around the globe into melodies.

Neneh Cherry

Photo: Andrew Benge / Getty Images

Neneh Cherry – Don Cherry’s stepdaughter and Mabel’s mother – is a Swedish singer-songwriter and rapper. Beginning her career in punk 1980s London, the singer has experienced great success while never shying away from social commentary. As Mabel has grown into the spotlight, the mother and daughter have shared many sweet moments, sharing the spotlight as they continue their careers in tandem.

Cameron McVey

Photo: Dave Benett / Getty Images

Mabel’s father, Cameron McVey, is an English singer-songwriter and producer. He has produced music for bands like Massive Attack and All Saints and has worked with his wife, Neneh Cherry, on several occasions. While these collaborators are enshrined in the canon of music history, to a young Mabel, as told to The Standard, the lauded musicians were just her dad’s "annoying friends.”

Marlon Roudette

Photo: Frank Hoensch / Getty Images

Mabel’s half-brother, Marlon Roudette, built his career in the early 2000s as part of the duo Mattafix. After the group split, the singer, writer, and producer pivoted to a solo career, releasing singles that found success in the UK. He is also known for his work with his sister, co-writing Mabel’s singles “Finders Keepers” and “Fine Line.”


Photo: Peter Pakvis / Getty Images

Titiyo, Neneh Cherry’s half-sister and Mabel’s aunt, is a beloved Swedish singer and songwriter. Throughout her decades-long career, she has won four Grammys, singing in both Swedish and English.

Eagle-Eye Cherry

Photo: Sergione Infuso-Corbis / Getty Images

While he originally pursued a career in acting, Mabel’s uncle, Eagle-Eye Cherry, found success when he turned his attention towards music. His debut album, Desireless, sold four million copies worldwide in 1997, kick-starting his career, and he has since released five more albums.